Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Cruise: Beginning

I'm sitting on the deck of our ship, drinking Darjeeling tea and waiting for the time to meet for today's excursion. The sun is shining and the air is a little cool, on the way to warming up to about 75 degrees.

So far, among the highlights of the trip, are a canal cruise in Amsterdam before boarding the ship; being greeted in our cabin by champagne (ordered ahead by Mark for our anniversary); a really nice anniversary dinner in the French restaurant on board (complete with creme brûlée for dessert!); a visit to Mont St. Michel, which is truly a marvel; and beautiful views of old walled cities as we visit or sail by. Oh! And really good ice cream and little butter-sugar cakes in Concarneau. It might also be helpful for me to remember that bus rides over 20 minutes make me verrrrry sleepy!

I'm also fascinated by the workings of the ports as we sail in or out. Yesterday we docked at a commercial port and as we sailed by we watched a huge crane empty loads of sand from a freighter onto the pier, one bucket-full at the time. We sailed into port at about 11 am and it was still going when we sailed out at about 7 pm.

Two things I want to remember (among lots of others): 1) to go to the French restaurant at home and buy a variety of tiny sweets and offer those as dessert when we have people over, and 2) buy some coffee spoons. I love them!

Today we are off to spend free time in the city of Bordeaux. I don't really know what is there, but I hope it's fun!

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