Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cleaning Up

Since my cleaning lady has been pretty slack lately,   ;-)   I've been doing some projects the last couple of days. I organized the closet by putting up some winter clothes. I know. It's August. Don't judge me.

I also bought new bins and organized my kitchen utensil drawer.

Isn't that pretty?

Today I vacuumed. In some places I had to go over the same patch several times before the "debris finder" light on my machine turned green instead of red. (Seriously, what has that cleaning lady been doing?)  Then I cleared and cleaned all the kitchen counters so I could seal the granite.

Don't those clear counters look nice?  I almost hate to put things back. The only thing is, now the kitchen table looks like this:

Although I liked the cleared counters, I decided to go ahead and put things back where they belong after the granite was sealed.

It's not quite as clear, but homier.  And more functional.

Unfortunately, the kitchen table still looks like this:

What is all that stuff and why does it wind up on my counters? The African violet is the only thing that's supposed to be there. Anyone else have this problem? If I heave it all in the trash will I really miss it? Hmmm.....

Anyway, the dilemma was too great to decide in the moment, so I sat down, put my feet up, and pinned some organizational and cleaning tips on Pinterest. So much more fun than actual organizing and cleaning!

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  1. Don't throw away the stuff on the table. You will miss it. Especially the ONE IMPORTANT PIECE OF PAPER in the middle of the stack of what might be' junk mail"

    Good job organizing!