Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nehemiah - The Beginning

Tonight was the first night of our summer Bible study. It's 7 weeks with 5 great ladies in Kelly Minter's Nehemiah study. That much, I expected. What surprised me was the direction I think the study will take.

The brief introductory video focused on the first four verses and Nehemiah's compassion for his people. Hmmm. All I know about Nehemiah is he had something to do with building a wall. That sounds manly and strong. I didn't anticipate compassion and weeping. (No offense to all those strong, manly, compassionate men out there!)

We were challenged to make ourselves available to God and to ask HIm for hearts like His. I hate to admit that I think this is going to be hard for me. I like my life. I like a hefty measure of control. I like to think my view of the world is the right one.

I truly think I trust that God's plan is the best one for me.  Until I consider that I might not like what He has in store. It might involve something hard. Something messy. Drama. Dirt. It might reveal my fear of being vulnerable or maybe worse, of looking foolish.

I believe that the greatest growth comes in the valleys. But oh, how I love the mountaintops. Or at least the nice big middle ground that lies in between.

It looks like I'm in for an interesting summer!

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