Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lady Peas!

We had a great, long weekend at the lake with family and friends. I wasn't really interested in creating a complicated dinner tonight when we got home.

Because my mom loves me, she brought me some lady peas when she came to the lake. I love lady peas!

Of course, I think I like all fresh peas. Except English peas. As far as I'm concerned, the only acceptable English peas come in a little silver can.

To jazz up the peas, and in honor of my Grandma Dees and Aunt Shirley, I cooked them with a little bacon for flavor.

I used a trick I learned from Melissa D'Arabian on the Food Network. I only use bacon occasionally in cooking, so I keep it in the freezer. When I need the equivalent of a slice or two, I cut a sliver off the end of the pack and return the rest to the freezer.

I also had a couple of yellow squash which had been languishing in the vegetable drawer since the beginning of the week. I sliced them, added chopped onions, and sautéed them with salt and lots of pepper. (The sliced onions were left from when we had hamburgers at the lake. Thanks again, Mom!)  When I cook squash this way, they vary between lightly sautéed and stewed, depending on my mood and attention span.

We also had Silver Queen corn, a contribution from our family friend, Harry, who presented the corn shucked and free of silks. Now, that is a true friend! (I'm sparing you yet another picture of corn on the cob. Seriously, we don't have corn at every meal. Evidently we just have it at every meal on this blog....)

Since the other dishes were all starch, I added a sliced tomato for some nutritional value. Starches/carbs are still my favorite food group, though!  I'm just glad I didn't figure out a way to repurpose the leftover baked potatoes I brought home.

Add the last of the pulled pork leftovers, and we had dinner. 

Starch special, anyone?

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